Dietrich Bonhoeffer
with his students (1939)

06-21-2021 6:52:10 PM CST


Floors are now complete! On to finishing the root-cellar, tower, and start the inside work (electrical (solar), walls, framing, etc.). woo-woo! ;o)




06-07-2021 9:59:08 PM CST


Robert helping to get the root-cellar in the side of the hill. *Hopefully it will dry-out enough over the next couple of weeks to get the cement flooring completed so we can start on the inside. **Rain has delayed the garden but again working out the kinks. ;o)

Too much to mow right now but bought a refurbished riding mower from my nephew for $120 so we'll see how that goes. :o) 


Firepit and composting bin (phase 1) up and running! Hopefully will do a longer test run this month on teaching via PowerPoint via solar (will post on YouTube if all goes well as we are testing a multiplicity of things to see what works (and what doesn't). ;o)~

Lord willing many more updates on the next post. The excessive rain has definitely slowed us down a bit but all in God's good timing.