Dietrich Bonhoeffer
with his students (1939)

Study Center & School?

A Chronology of Pictures

With COVID, politics and the growing sense of Christian persecution coupled with a doubling down of "academic persecution" (aka - indoctrination); what better time to explore educational options outside of the norm?

*Whether you are a student/adult, Christian/not, homeschool/private/public school, etc. We all should agree that education is important and with the IQ levels continuing to drop we need to explore other options whether they are simply supplemental or holistic in nature.

**I have advanced degrees (both regionally and nationally accredited) and more importantly I have access to a large group of PhDs from practically all fields of knowledge and learning. What I am envisioning (Lord willing) would be growing this property to have a science center, observatory, wildlife/nature preserve, large gardening area, with my colleagues periodically helping supervise teaching sessions as well as having visitors (or ZOOM) meetings with these like-minded geneticists, philosophers, chemists, biologists, historians, engineers, geologists, etc. having 2-3 hour teaching sessions and Q&A with these groups. (Similar to when they often times do this on Friday evenings)

More to come but I care enough to follow Christ's leading and do so 100% FREE for any interested; I can invite/show you the door but only you can open it. 

Nothing fancy but a snapshot of where we have been and where we will be going Lord willing. :o)

*I will try and get a past/present/future look at where we were vs. where we are now and where we "should be" Lord willing over the next year or two. **The 1500 sq ft building is slated for next year and this should have 5 rooms (bunk beds) for anyone interested plus the current building we're using now.

How could you handle it if we're still "off the grid" and I have each room a battery-pack and solar panel? :o)

**The battery will power a fan and lights most of the day no problem but will be a good lesson if someone runs theirs out quickly and then has no power until they recharge it via solar or wind? (lol)






Next few stages:


There is no denying that IQ levels are plummeting at alarming rates, Gen-Z is apathetic to Christianity and the "church" is overtally more interested in politics and $$$ than Christian reality. So what are our options?  As for me and my house we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15) and thus we are working heartedly to provide options, alternatives or (at the least) supplements to you and your kids' education. 99% could care less but I am talking to the 1% that do care and are Christ-ian. All a matter of "in-progress" but we hope & pray that we are able to get something setup (100% free) to provide a more holistic form or education and just a Christian (not preachy) answer to the existential crisis that (with the plummeting of IQ levels) is plaguing society as we enter into 2021. Free-will right? :o)

1) Science Center - Having worked in a university microbiology lab for some years coupled with my appreciation of both creation science and intelligent design, I find it a great need to have a type of science center and observatory open to research and simple supplementation of one's education (private, home or public) to a greater understanding of the world around them. 


2) Observatory - See #1 - Again we are seeing IQ level continue to drop and public education being based more on politics than education; we hope to simply offer a FREE supplement in the name of critical thinking. (After over a decade in the debate field and various universities I can attest that the truths we are simply pointing one too is much more relevant (and objective) than anything based on naturalism. (But even if you disagree should be a great opportunity to "critical think" and stimulate the mind. 


3) Dock & Walkway - Again see #5


4) Arts & Poetry - Looking to incorporate a type of "writer's colony" as well as Arts/aesthetics element. *Obviously this will not need to be overtly "Christian" but instead hopefully appeal to the Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thoma and Emily Dicksons' of the world. 

5) Christian "Zen" Garden - Again just to assist in a greater appreciation of "general revelation" for lack of a better word. 
6) We already have a respectable museum and art gallery (averaging about 5,000 visitors per year) that will be incorporated but we also have access/partnership to a huge list of PhDs from a variety of fields at your disposal to ask questions and even "destroy" if what they are saying is fallacious? ( for a glimpse of some of these academics at our disposal)
It's funny - I recently overheard a friend saying that her 16 year old son never had to send an actual "letter" before since we have email, social media, etc. now. Again it might be a lost art the same way that someone stopping by for a visit might be a little "taboo" today. Just for fun and to instill a sense of slowing-down, I am going to encourage anyone who has any questions at all to mail me a letter to my "off the grid" PO BOX and I will try and stop by the local post office weekly to retrieve any letters and will write you back. Questions on God's existence, Jesus, other religions, the off-the-grid project in general, or really whatever. I know many will not bother which is completely understandable but to those who do I will provide a PO Box here soon enough: "Old School" style. :o)

Publisher's Description:

In this collection of Francis Schaeffer's letters, the personal, spiritual, and practical side of Dr. Schaeffer's work comes shining through so clearly. Each of us will find here something of ourselves, our frailty and our human need, but also something of what we might become through the transforming presence of Jesus Christ in our lives.

"This is a fascinating collection. It... gives us windows into a person greatly used of God.... What one learns... are the lessons that Schaeffer learned... that God must be central, that love is as important as truth, and that God loves, forgives, and restores us." --Eternity

"This collection portrays a heart of tender but rugged love.... In them you will find a dimension of Schaeffer's personality that strengthens the portrait of a man hungering for spiritual reality." --Moody Monthly

"The Schaeffer who speaks here is a loving pastor... attentive to the wounds of the twentieth century, and always ready to weep with those who weep. The book is a winsome introduction to Francis Schaeffer as well as food for the soul in its own right." --The Reformed Journal

"This book is like having a personal talk with Dr. Schaeffer.... The letters are organized in three sections: 1) The Reawakening of Spiritual Reality, 2) Spiritual Reality in Daily Living, 3) Spiritual Reality in Marriage, Family and Sexual Relations... Written with love and wisdom and an uncompromising biblical stand... It will become a classic." --SBC Today